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For a wide selection of post surgical garments in Lexington, KY

Your happiness is our goal
Buying post surgical garments can sound exhausting or be intimidating. We understand! It could be the last thing you're up for, coming out of breast surgery. But that's why we’ve built a cozy, relaxed environment at Josephine's Post Mastectomy store, grounded on honesty and dependability. Each one of our staff members in Lexington, KY is highly trained to work closely with you to find fitting prosthetics and post surgical garments.

From bras and swimsuits to silicone and partial prostheses for lumpectomies, we are focused on your comfort and confidence. We take our time looking at all of your options, trying on different clothes and making sure that you are comfortable.


From bathing suits to turbans to silicon breasts, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. Our products come in a selection of quality materials that are soft on the skin, sweat resistant and leave room for you to heal in your new post surgery garments. We have a wide range of sizes, shapes and warm to cool weather garments to choose from, and we will offer you as much personalized help as you may need in selecting those that are most comfortable for you.
Post surgical garments in Lexington, KY
Post surgical garments in Lexington, KY


Then there's style. Who doesn't want to look good? At Josephine's Post Mastectomy in Lexington, fashion, together with comfort, is the key to rebuilding the confidence that will pull you up again after breast surgery. Our chemotherapy hats and turbans come in a variety of colors and styles to match your mood. Our swimsuits are fit to impress. Visit our shop today to get a feel for the fashionable potential behind post surgical garments.


Our highly trained and licensed staff at Josephine's Post Mastectomy in Lexington will greet you warmly when you visit our shop. We will ensure your comfort from beginning to end, as you go through the process of adopting a reinvigorating, post surgical dress. Let us show you at Josephine's Post Mastectomy what our post surgical garments can do to adjust your perspective and boost your confidence.
Post surgical garments in Lexington, KY
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