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A personal touch for all of your fashion needs after breast surgery 
Have you been searching for breast prostheses that are both comfortable and look good? At Josephine's Post Mastectomy in Lexington, KY, we do more than just sell prosthetics and post mastectomy clothing. We also talk you through the process of choosing a good fit, and help you find the right look, feel and shape.

We know that everyone is different — let us show you what personalized attention really means! Call Josephine's Post Mastectomy or come and visit us in our warm store and our friendly staff will answer any questions you may have.

Here to help you

Josephine's Post Mastectomy has 40 years of experience helping women find a new look post breast surgery that is both comfortable and fashionable. We are:
  •  American Board for Certification in Prosthetics 
  •  Board Certified in Breast Prosthetics & Surgical Appliances  
We look forward to helping you find the best-fitting breast prostheses. Come and see us in Lexington anytime, we’re here to help you.
Two woman visiting our store for mastectomy bras in Lexington, KY

Comfort and quality is key

We offer the highest quality breast prostheses available. When you purchase a prosthetic from us, you are buying something that will last a long time – guaranteed. Trust Josephine's Post Mastectomy – we’ve been doing this for a while!

Come in and see us in Lexington, or call us with any questions.
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